"Knowledge is Power"

Francis Bacon

Modern Guitar Playing

In the guitar lessons the student will focus on basic to advanced technique with practical
exercises tailored to the starting level of the student, to develop a strong muscle memory, an impeccable sense of pulse and rhythm and a reactive creative mind.

Music Theory

 From the circle of fifths to polyharmony and
hybrid harmony, the course focuses on building a theoretical as well as sonic knowledge of music, to give the student the ability to recognise chords, scales, and intervals by simply listening and to give the student limitless possibilities in music composition and instrument playing. This course will also allow the student to effectively and efficiently “speak” the language of music, using proper terminology to facilitate ensemble playing and interaction between musicians of different musical styles, traditions, and backgrounds. Don’t allow yourself to say to others: “just play the
C with the hashtag against it”, learn to say “C sharp” instead.


Taking inspiration from the art of rhetoric it allows the aspiring composer, songwriter to
explore ways, techniques, and tools to manipulate the basic elements of music to convey a specific concept or feeling, and to “musically amplify” the lyrics.
The approach does not apply solely to rhythmic composition but also to classical
composition and song writing as the concepts treated in the course can be applicable to
all creatives in music.

A Beginner Guitar Lesson on Youtube

A Beginner Freindly Lesson in Music Theory.

My series on Polytonality, cited in the book "Insights into Music Composition" by Gregory Young and Steve Roens.

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